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By Nina Alawo postet on: 2019-09-27

Finding your (professional) thing...

Isn't this something we all aim for? Isn't this something we find happiness and fulfilment in? However, isn't this also something many of us struggle with?

I can honestly share that finding my (professional) thing took me years, probably two decades even! I remember looking around at my classmates and it just seemed like they had it all figured, they knew their thing and knew their direction. I pretended, I played it well, but truth is... I did not have a clue.

Can you relate to this:

Some things feel so natural to you that you are not in the slightest bit aware that these things could actually be your professional thing? (Say YES if you know what I mean).

The stuff we do in life should make us feel good and happy, content, fulfilled, .... (fill in the blanks). Essentially, they are supposed to make us feel US! So why force our every being into something that makes us feel the opposite of good and fulfilled?... Well, my friends, I hear you. I can relate.

From a young age, I have been fascinated by the topics of evolution and co-creation, especially reproduction and everything that happens after (you know, pregnancy, birth, etc). I had a secret desire to become a midwife but my (limiting) belief that I was not capable of completing a medical course of study was getting in the way. So, I went off and did something completely different for years, but still immersing myself into the other world in my own way and time.

Then, during a very difficult personal time in my life, around 10 years ago now, I trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and I was hooked by how our belief system can limit us from living life to its full potential. But, EFT alone was still not my (professional) thing, something was missing. More years of exploring, testing, trialling, pretending, truth facing, developing, growing, discovering, understanding and so on passed and once I was pregnant myself, there was no denying anymore. Fast forward to today:

Hypnobirthing has become my thing!

Surely not the last on my list as there are some other heartfelt visions I hold and want to embody in due course. But, hypnobirthing is my thing.

How I do know? It's simple:

It moves me, it touches me, it gets me excited, passionate, emotional and on my feet. It does not bore me but it rather sparks more and more in me. Things come natural, ideas don't stop, my every cell is engaged and I could literally talk about it all day, every day. I feel I can make a difference, I feel a purpose.

THAT is what it's supposed to feel like!

Last weekend I was teaching a beautiful couple and seeing their transformation was incredible. Their belief system changed in front of my eyes, their language around birth took a positive direction, any remaining fear seems to just fade away as they understood the psychology and physiology of birth in more detail and my favourite part was the moment of "now I understand why I think a certain way, it's purely conditioning."

How beautiful is that?

You can find out more about my services here. And feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions at all.

I really hope you have found your thing or otherwise, you are sailing in the right direction of doing so. I believe in you, too.